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August 4, 2018 - Cross Fit

The 2018 CrossFit Games movement continued on Friday in Madison, Wisconsin with copiousness of play maturation during a Aliant Energy Centre.

Two-time fortifying men’s champion Mathew Fraser managed to reason onto his lead atop a men’s standings, notwithstanding blank out on a final for a men’s Clean and Jerk Speed Ladder – that Dave Castro suggested an hour before Individual Event 6 was set to start.

The American done adult for his seventh-placed finish there by entrance initial in a Fibonacci (5:54.84). Lukas Hogberg, Patrick Vellner, Brent Fikowski and Cole Sager turn out a tip 5 in a altogether standings.

In a women’s competition, Laura Horvath was looking good to keep her place during a tip of a standings after wining a Battleground, a opening eventuality of a day. But afterwards she had a catastrophic time in a Clean and Jerk Speed Ladder, finishing 21st, and came 17th in a Fibonacci (5:30.87).

CrossFit Games 2018 schedule: particular events, group workouts, dates for Madison, Wisconsin

That authorised Tia-Clair Toomey to renovate her during a top. The fortifying champion has 580 points, with a 58-point lead.

Annie Thorisdottir (516) lies in third place, forward of compatriot Katrin Davidsdottir (482) and Kara Saunders (474).

Things are easily staid for what promises to be an action-packed Saturday, that gets underneath approach with a Madison Triplus float before a bit of “Chaos” and some Bicouplets.

Here’s a full summation of all a movement from Friday.


This year’s barrier march served as a initial examination for particular athletes on a second day of competition.

Male athletes had to wear a 9.1-kilogram vest, and womanlike athletes a 6.4kg vest. They had to start in a North Lot and finish a Rescue Randy Drag (which involves carrying a pygmy – Randy weighs 185lb for a group and 165lb for a women) opposite a stadium.

Next adult were dual Rope Climbs, one on a spare wire and one on a fat rope. Then a athletes had to run out of a lane to a Obstacle Course, where they had to finish a array of 8 obstacles.

Finally returned to a lane for dual some-more wire climbs and another Rescue Randy Drag before channel a finish line.

CrossFit Games 2018 swim, barbell events revealed: Dave Castro announces Madison Triplus, Bicouplets during contestant ceremony

Sager finished in 8:35.01 in feverishness 4 to take victory, follow by Fraser, Hogberg and Vellner. Australia’s James Newbury (9:11.87) dull out a tip 5 by environment a time to kick in feverishness three.

“I usually kind of looked during a manikin as if it was a sled drag,” Sager, who was a usually masculine contestant to drag Randy one-handed, said.

There was a worrying impulse for Vellner nonetheless when he fell from a load net during a barrier course, though he went on to finish fourth in a event.

He afterwards returned to contest in Individual Event 6 after being taken by a medical custom and released.

In a women’s competition, Horvath extended her lead going into Individual Event 6 to 38 points, winning here with a time of 9:29.76.

CrossFit Games 2018 personality board: formula and summation for crit, muscle-ups, CrossFit Total, marathon quarrel particular events

“I don’t put vigour on myself, or we try not to,” Horvath said. “Everyone has a shot. It’s not final yet. … we came here to win. we consider all a women came here to win.”

Toomey had to settle for second, forward of Davidsdottir and Thorisdottir.


In loyal Dave Castro style, he gave a athletes usually an hour’s notice before announcing what Individual Event 6 would be.

The CrossFit Games HQ executive sensitive them he would be adding an beyond component to a Clean Speed Ladder eventuality from a 2014 Games.

CrossFit Games 2018 personality board: group formula and summation for bike passed lift and The 30s on day one in Madison, Wisconsin

There were to be 3 rounds of complicated ladders, any with gradually heavier barbells, with time caps of one minute, dual mins and 3 mins in a Coliseum.

Female athletes had to lift 155-160-165-170-175lb, afterwards 180-185-190-195-200lb, and afterwards finally 205-210-215-220-225lb.

Male athletes had to lift 245-255-265-270-275lb, afterwards 280-290-300-305-310lbb, and afterwards 315-325-335-340-345lb.

There were to be 8 heats of quarter-finals, with a 20 fastest group and 20 fastest women relocating on to 4 heats of semi-finals. Five group and 5 women would afterwards swell to a finals.

There was a startle in a men’s field, where two-time fortifying champion Fraser showed he is usually tellurian after all.

The American unsuccessful a final barbell twice in a semi-finals, blank out a finals, with Nick Urankar holding 100 points in 1:51.1.

And Amanda Barnhart of a United States scored a large dissapoint on a women’s side – a rookie won her initial CrossFit Games event, circumference out Toomey in a final gauntlet of 225lb bars. Saunders and Thorisdottir were behind them, with Cassidy Lance-McWherter fifth.

“This Coliseum is insane. You guys helped me get by those final few bars, so appreciate we so much,” Barnhart pronounced to a crowd.


Athletes had to finish 5-8-13 reps of handstand push-ups, double kettlebell passed lifts, and afterwards beyond lunges for 89 feet.

For a group it was a 14 in. necessity for a handstand push-ups, dual 203lb kettlebells for a passed rises and dual 53lb kettlebells for a lunges.

For a women, it was an eight-inch necessity for a handstand push-ups, dual 124lb kettlebells for passed lifts, and dual 35lb kettlebellls for a lunges.

Athletes had to finish 5 handstand push-ups and 5 kettlebell passed lifts, 8 handstand push-ups and 8 kettlebell passed lifts, afterwards 13 handstand push-ups and 13 kettlebell passed lifts. Then they had to collect adult dual kettlebells and thrust with them beyond to a finish line, all within a time tip of 6 minutes.

And it was Fraser (4:54.84) who blitzed a margin in a men’s competition, removing himself behind on track. Noah Olsen was second (5:22.39), while Logan Collins – a usually masculine to finish a eventuality final year – was third in 5:48.06. Fourth place went to Vellner (5:51.65) and fifth was common by Fikowski and Dean Linder-Leighton.

For a women, Davidsdottir took initial place (3:31.73) forward of Kari Pearce (3:40.58) and Thorisdottir (3:48.67). Toomey finished fourth (3:50.69) to widen her lead during a tip while Saunders (3:54.88) was fifth.

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